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20 Rules For Starting Your Art Licensing Business

Have the 20 Rules For Starting Your Own Art Licensing Business by J'net Smith right at your fingertips. This collection of 20 Rules is the perfect introduction to art licensing for those thinking about getting into the business, and is essential to understanding what to anticipate and look for when starting your own art licensing business.

23-page PDF Book
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Schedule of 2015 Classes


‘Launching and Leveraging Your Annual Marketing Plan’

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 — 12 noon – 1:30 p.m. PDT/3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. EDT  
Price: $60

The New Year is traditionally the perfect time to launch your annual plan. If you don’t already have a plan or need new ideas to increase your licensing sales success in 2015, then I have created this course for you. The class will cover how to develop a marketing calendar for the year, including portfolio development, trade shows, sales timing and techniques, public relations, and social media. You will learn how to organize all of this into a comprehensive plan of action that you can manage and execute to improve your licensing sales results. The major emphasis of the class will be leveraging what you have in your current business to the next, more profitable, level.

This is a live audio event, which will be video recorded. It will include a full PDF presentation booklet, as a part of the course. Any registered attendees who wish to apply to be included in our live stream video beta test, please contact me directly after registering. Included in the purchase price, all registered attendees will receive audio and/or video downloading of the class for their personal review.

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‘A Special ‘Ask J’net Q&A’ Dedicated to Answering Your ‘Character Licensing’ Questions’

Thursday, February 5, 2015 – 12 noon - 1 p.m. PST/3 p.m. – 4 p.m. EST

This Ask J’net Q&A will focus on answering your important character licensing questions during this one-hour ‘live’ phone event. Here are just a few of the questions J’net will answer:

- Should I get an agent for character licensing?
- Developing characters (i.e. children’s books) vs. artwork (for product use), If you which is more viable in today’s marketplace?
- If you have an entertainment property – animated characters that are fully developed, a TV series bible and all of the style guide art – is it best to be in the art section of the Licensing Expo or out on the floor?

You just sign-up here for the free class. When registering, there is a place at the bottom of the form to write your questions. J’net will answer as many questions as possible during the hour, all you need to do is call in at the specific time to get answers to your questions and learn from others’ questions.  
Please note:You will receive your Dial-in number and Access Code for the class the night before the event from All Art Licensing. This is not an 800 number, so your standard long

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Worldwide Creator's Intensive Art Licensing Conference

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing

March 23-27, 2015

We will be holding the Worldwide Art Licensing Conference,our first annual global educational webinar.  This 4-day event includes 10+ classes, live question and answer sessions with numerous well-known guest speakers, sharing their knowledge and experience.  It is intended to be the most comprehensive, intensive, practical and affordable art licensing internet event ever created for the domestic and international art community.


The 'Worldwide Creators' Intensives' include these popular downloadable  classes below. There are more than 30 classes, conferences, courses, seminars, workshops, webinars and other events, designed to provide detailed expert training in the areas of licensing and marketing at an affordable price. To see all downloadable classes for purchase, click here.



Character Licensing

Taught by J'net Smith of All Art Licensing
Duration:  2 hours including Q&A
Price: $75

This course is an introduction to character licensing for cartoonists, animators and illustrators. A lot of creators ask: “What can I do with my characters?” This class will show you some very practical and useful answers to this question. In this course, we will explore character licensing from the beginning first steps to the first signed contract. 

This class will teach you how to:

  • design characters to enhance their licensing potential,
  • create exposure, 
  • leverage business opportunities, 
  • know when you are ready to license products and 
  • choose the product categories which are best for your characters
We will also cover the most important things to watch for and avoid. If you are more inclined to create characters, than designs, then this is the right class for you. Your characters make sense to you…now let me help you make sure they will appeal to the broadest possible audience.  With the right industry knowledge and strategic thinking, you can learn how to share them with the world.

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Established Artist/Intermediate Level Courses



Today's PR and Promotion Essentials for Art Licensors

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing with Greg Walsh of Walsh Public Relations
Duration:  2 hours including Q&A
Price:  $75

This class is for the emerging and intermediate level art licensor, those who both have agents and are working solo,  Join me for a comprehensive course that moves you from wondering how to get the word out about your business to managing your own press and promotions (or understanding how to manage your PR agency or agent, if they handle your press).

The class will teach you how to:
  •  develop your goals and create your own press plan 
  •  create targeted press lists
  •  write effective press releases
  •  build a press kit (and your brand)
  •  determine priorities within Social Media, press and promotions
  •  PR mistakes to avoid
  •  plus 25 HOT press tips to turn up the HEAT! 
 The goal is for you to understand the PR tactics that will gain you exposure and build your brand and business.  This course will include more than 75 slides with guidelines and visual examples that relate to the licensing industry.

Greg Walsh of Walsh Public Relations, out of Fairfield, CT, will join J'net in presenting a part of this course.  A public relations veteran of 20+ years, Greg has extensive experience in creating PR campaigns through both the consumer and trade media.

The brands, properties,and products he has successfully represented include: ZIGGY, U-Haul, Honeywell, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, National Geographic, Wild Republic Retail Stores, Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Lalaloopsy, Batman®, Chicken Soup for the Soul®, MTV Game, Slylock Fox & Comics For Kids


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Marketing Your ART, CHARACTERS, DESIGNS and NEW BRANDS Through Trade Shows

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: 2 hours,  including 70+ page PowerPoint Presentation (PDF format)
Price: $75

This 2-hour course will show you how to market your creativity successfully—whether art, characters, designs or a new brand concept—and enter the $152.2B licensing industry through trade shows and other practical marketing techniques. 

This Worldwide Creators’ Intensive, 3-part, class will cover:
  • Part 1: Licensing and Trade Shows
  • Part 2: How to Get From ‘Internal Creative Process’ to ‘External Income Generation’
  • Part 3: How to prepare for and exhibit at a show
Through detailed information and real life examples, J’net will demonstrate clearly how art, designs, characters and new brands are launched into the marketplace. Those who take this course will learn how to determine what they have in terms of a creative product, and whether it could be practical and profitable to exhibit at a trade show. 

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Developing Marketable Art Licensing Portfolios that Sell!

(For the emerging and intermediate Artist)
Taught by Sheila Meehan of Meehan Design Group, with J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: 2 hours, including 70+ page PowerPoint Presentation
Price: $149

This class is designed for artists who have a body of work that they wish to explore licensing for merchandise. For those who have been working in the illustration or graphic design marketplace, and artists who have tried licensing but aren’t sure if their portfolio is put together correctly, this class is designed for you.

This class will teach how to:

  • Develop a marketing plan--building a road map for where you direct your efforts
  • Organize your art--choosing images that work for product based on trends and themes and developing collections
  • Put art on product--using templates or prototypes
The goal is to build thoughtful collections leading to compiling a meaningful portfolio. The course will include over 50 slides with helpful guidelines, visual examples of how a collection is developed, portfolio pages that work (and some that don’t!), what should be included in presentation materials and finally, how to market your work effectively.
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Emerging Artist/Beginner Level Courses



Worldwide Creators' Intensive -The Professional Art Licensing 4-part Series is for all creators looking to start or establish a licensing business. Taken together, these classes create a well-rounded and essential art licensing education for the emerging artist's business. 

Whether purchasing each class separately or together as a series, each class includes the complete PowerPoint and Audio file.  


WWCI - Art Licensing Essentials (Part 1)

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: 1.5 hours, including Q&A 
Price: $50

In this first class of the four-part series, you’ll learn about the art licensing industry and how it actually works in the real world today. The ‘Essentials’ course is completely updated for 2014 and includes new information, plus all the fundamentals serious artists must know to create a profitable business. It covers:
  • insights to help you determine where you fit into this business
  • the art licensing process
  • product categories
  • timelines (how long does it take to make money)
  • artist requirements
  • challenges that are to be expected (& pitfalls to avoid)
  • distribution channels and retailers, and
  • the agent/artist relationship
This course is the best possible launch pad for your art licensing business.

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WWCI - Art Licensing Collections & Presentations  (Part 2) 

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: 2 hours, including Q&A 
Price: $50
In this second class of the four-class series, you’ll learn how to create the collections and presentations that will set you apart and get your art noticed by manufacturers and retailers. This course covers how to:
  • develop your marketing strategy
  • define your target audience
  • research manufacturers
  • understand important licensing perspectives (that of the manufacturer/retailer vs. the artist/brand owner)
  • create professional collections
  • develop presentations
  • create pitch letters and
  • organize and write effective websites
Do not try to navigate the licensing industry without taking this detailed beginner’s course!

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WWCI - Art Licensing Marketing & Sales Techniques (Part 3) 

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: 2 hours, including Q&A 
Price: $50

In the third class of the four-part series, you’ll learn about successful sales strategies for approaching agents, manufacturers and retailers with your artwork, designs and characters. This course will cover how to:
  • create your sales tool kit of essential skills
  • understand the licensing sales process
  • find your retail fit
  • develop sales leads
  • write sales letters
  • communicate with manufacturers and
  • sell yourself to a prospective manufacturer or agent
Whether you want to find an agent or represent yourself, this class provides more than enough detailed information to get you started, and then some!

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WWCI - Art Licensing Negotiations and Contracts  (Part 4)

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: 2 hours, including Q&A 
Price: $50

In this final class of the four-class series, you’ll learn how to negotiate and navigate the almighty licensing contract with confidence. Utilizing real life examples, J’net teaches:
  • the essential contract elements
  • protecting the rights to your art and business,
  • generating maximum income,
  • learning industry royalty rates
  • recognizing common mistakes
  • negotiation techniques 
  • how to evaluate an offer and
  • when to sign a deal AND when not to
Do not sign or negotiate contracts without knowing the information that this class provides!

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Best Value - Purchase all 4 classes $149.00 


Worldwide Creators' Intensive - The Professional Art Licensing  4-Part Series for those new to art licensing! 

Taught by J'net Smith--All Art Licensing
Duration: Approx 7 hours
Price: $149.00
  • Worldwide Creators' Intensive – Art Licensing Essentials 
  • Worldwide Creators' Intensive – Art Licensing Collections & Presentations 
  • Worldwide Creators' Intensive –  Art Licensing Marketing & Sales Techniques 
  • Worldwide Creators' Intensive –  Art Licensing Negotiations & Contracts 


From last Worldwide Creators' can now order the class online

Building Character: How to Cash In On Your Characters Without Losing Your Soul

Audio + PowerPoint Presentation now available as a downloadable class (6+ hours of training) $95

This event features Michael Fry, co-creator of Over the Hedge and J'net Smith, Dilbert Marketer and owner, All Art Licensing

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Our classes are charged at the time of registration to your credit card through 1ShoppingCart. The day before the event you will receive an email with the live call in number, and access code, to hear J'net and/or other speakers and see the presentation (when there is a PowerPoint). In some instances you will receive the PowerPoint in PDF format prior to the class. 
Free Classes 
You will use our standard online credit card form to register, but YOUR CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED ANY AMOUNT.  The day before the event you will receive an email with the live call in number, and access code, to hear J'net and see the presentation (when there is a PowerPoint). You will always be informed in the course description if the class is audio only (for example, the Free  Ask J'net Q&A's are audio only and noted as such) .  
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